4 Makeup Trends to Watch For 2023

4 Makeup Trends to Watch For 2023

It's a new year, and that means new trends. As we look at what we expect to see more of this year, we've noted some makeup hitting the scene. As your amigas, we're here to share what we expect to be the biggest makeup trends to watch for in 2023.

1. Fluttery Lashes

Many want the eyelash extension look without having to invest the time or money. Fluttery lashes achieved by a lengthening mascara or the right set of false lashes is set to be a popular trend in 2023. We're moving past heavy lashes and opting for a more natural, eye-opening effect from a long, fluttery-like appearance.

Look to our Va-Va Pink Lash Primer before your favorite lengthening mascara or our Bella Lashes to achieve this trend driven look. 

2. Flushed Color

Keeping to the less is more direction; you can expect to see more of a natural pigment across the face this year. Many favor a more flushed color as if you're truly blushing. With a blush, like our Compact Blush, you lightly dust the hue on the apples of your cheeks and across the middle of your nose (horizontally) to connect the color from cheek to cheek. While it might sound scary, it's worth giving this trend a try. 

3. Smoked-Out Liner

Leave it to Netflix's Wednesday to get us using more liner, but this trend is more of an imperfect, smoked liner instead of a clean line. This trend is achieved by drawing a thin line with a liner like LUNA MAGIC Jumbo Eye Pencil and lightly smudging it with a flat eyeshadow brush. Remember: less is more, or you'll trek into more of a grunge feel. 

4. Under-the-Skin Bronze

After celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips revealed her technique that requires applying bronzer as the first step in your makeup routine to essentially “lay down the bones." Reach for our Bronzer, which comes in two shades, to experiment with the popular trend. 

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