Choosing the Perfect False Lashes for You

How to Choose the Perfect False Lashes for You

False lashes are already tricky to put on, so choosing the right one shouldn't be a hassle. Choosing the perfect false lashes for you is important. There are multiple factors you should be considering when picking the perfect falsie: your eye shape and the overall look you're trying to achieve, meaning barely there or dramatic, or wispy vs. straight. 

Where to start? Look no further than our array of Luna Magic lash styles that offer options for any look you want. Before you pick one up, let's check what you should consider first. 

Luna Magic False Lashes

Eye Shape

For more round eyes, you'll want to reach for wispy and winged eyelashes like our Diosa or Mala to open up your eyes versus making them appear smaller. For almond eyes, many lash styles will compliment you, but you could always rely on more of a flare like Bebesita that will enhance your eye shape. When it comes to hooded eyes, you will want to focus on the center to not work against your natural silhouette. For monolids, we recommend a lighter lash to subtly highlight your lash line, like our Bella option that gives natural volume. 

Eye Shapes


Credit: Betty @ Youtube


No matter your eye shape, some makeup trends work well for false lashes, including a cat-eye achieved by our liquid eyeliner pen for a fuller makeup look or a natural smokey eye that will bring out your falsies. Tip: You'll want to do an eyeshadow application before applying your false lashes to prevent any fallout from getting stuck onto your lashes, which will be tricky to remove.

Also, let the look you're trying to achieve help determine your pick, whether that's more flirty with pink hues or more evening with dark blue or metallic tones — all looks you can achieve with our LUNA MAGIC Mini Palettes. The overall makeup you're going for can help determine what lash style will work best.