Luna Magic celebrates diversity, culture and inclusivity
in the beauty industry for all beauty lovers! Interested in being a part of our growing team? Please check back here to view future available opportunities.
For consideration of future roles, feel free to send your resume to We will reach out directly should be decide to explore your candidacy. 

At LUNA MAGIC, our mission is to champion diversity and inclusivity in the beauty industry by introducing high-performance cosmetics, flavor and vibrancy. We're inspired by the rich cultures and music of the Caribbean & Latin America, the hustle and bustle of NYC and glamour of Los Angeles. 

We’re inspired by people from all walks of life regardless of sex, gender, nationality, creed or religion. This is why we believe that LUNA MAGIC is not a face, but an attitude—a vibe embodied by those who possess it, know it and own it. Those who don’t embody it, desire to experience it - and all have access to this vibe when immersed in our vibrant world.

Our customers are global, multicultural, multilingual, fearless and define success by their own terms in pursuit of the American Dream, or El Sueño Americano. We celebrate this these values and perspective as part of our brand experience, our marketing, our community and product formulations.