"[The Frías sisters] run Luna Magic as a partnership. Shaira handles the creative side, while Mabel is in charge of brand and digital strategy. Both agree that the jobs they have today were paved by their past careers. It’s obvious from the way they’ve developed their products that the Frias sisters believe their cultural IQ is an invaluable asset they bring to the business world. Their eyeshadow shades have names like 'Reggaeton,' 'Mamacita,' and 'Dinero,' and their lipsticks are named 'Bon Bon' and 'Gostosa.' 'You’re born with it because of how you were raised,' says Mabel. 'You know, there’s some things that I can’t explain why we do and how we think.' #Para La Cultura
- Emperifollá

              SPANISH MEDIA:

                • People En Español: ¡Maquillaje Con Sabor! Full-page feature on the Frias sisters and why they created LUNA MAGIC. October 2019 print edition.