This Juneteenth, Support These 8 Black-Owned Fashion & Beauty Brands

8 Black-Owned Fashion & Beauty Brands to support this Juneteenth
Black-Owned Brand Owners: @jakieaina @marsaimartin & @winnieharl​​ow

As we commemorate Juneteenth and celebrate the history and contributions of Black communities, it is important to recognize and support Black-owned brands that continue to mold the beauty and fashion industry. These brands not only showcase incredible talent and creativity but also empower individuals to embrace their unique identities. Let's explore some of these Black-owned brands we love below:

Telfar by Telfar Clemens

Telfar Clemens, a Liberian-American fashion designer, founded Telfar to create unisex and inclusive designs. Known for its iconic "Shopping Bag," Telfar offers accessible luxury that challenges traditional gender norms and celebrates individuality.

Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross founded the now-popular Pattern to address the haircare needs of curly and coily hair textures. Pattern offers a range of high-quality products that celebrate the beauty and diversity of natural hair.

Lorvae by De'arra Taylor

De'arra Taylor, a social media influencer and entrepreneur, launched Lorvae to bring her passion for collecting sunglasses to life. Lorvae offers unique and durable sunglasses that empower women to express their self-expression and individuality.

LUNA MAGIC by Mabel and Shaira Frías

Our very own LUNA MAGIC, founded by Afro-Latina sisters, embraces multicultural beauty and offers a range of makeup products that celebrate diversity and self-expression. From our vibrant eyeshadow palettes to our luxurious faux mink lashes and nude bullet lipsticks, LUNA MAGIC looks to empower with our product's skin-tone offerings and inclusive shade names.

Mari By Marsai Martin

Actress Marsai Martin launched Mari to offer high-quality, cruelty-free, easy-to-use press-on nails. The line offers modern designs and colors in different shapes and sizes to fit all nail preferences. 

Inala by LaLa Anthony

LaLa Anthony created Inala to bring the effects of rice water to life in hair and scalp care. After experiencing its transformative results, LaLa wanted to share this within a collection of products that features a daily scalp treatment and more.

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Cay Skin by Winnie Harlow

Model Winnie Harlow founded Cay Skin to promote healthy and radiant skin. Cay Skin offers a range of skincare products that celebrate diversity and cater to the unique needs of all skin tones.

FORVR MOOD by Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina, the beloved beauty influencer, launched the lifestyle brand FORVR MOOD to provide luxurious yet worthy candles. FORVR MOOD offers scented candles and beauty accessories like a silk headband that celebrate self-care and self-love.

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