Oprah Mag.com: 10 Latina-Owned Businesses to Support This Hispanic Heritage Month—and Beyond

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There's no doubt that Hispanics in the United States have provided their share of contributions to society—just take a look at how they’ve helped grow the economy. According to Nielsen, Latinx consumers currently yield $1.5 trillion (that's right, trillionin annual buying power. And Latina-majority owned businesses have seen at least 87 percent growth over the past five years. So it's safe to say: We’ve done good. But in order to keep the community thriving, it's important that we take some time to support Latina-owned businesses this Hispanic Heritage Month. And most importantly: Don’t forget that you can—and should!—continue to support them everyday, not just through October 15.

Beauty brand Luna Magic was founded by NYC native sisters Mabel and Shaira Frias. Together, the two created a makeup collection they define as a celebration of the rich culture found in the Caribbean and Latin America. “We intend to be the brand for the Latinas and others who are not Latinx who really like our vibe—which is why we say we’re not just a brand, we’re an attitude,” Mabel told POPSUGAR in an interview.