5 TikTok Makeup Dupes for Affordable Beauty Looks

TikTok has become a treasure trove of beauty tips and tricks, including affordable dupes for popular and more expensive makeup and skincare products as TikTokers share the alternatives they're discovering. Inspired by the trend, we're taking note and sharing some, too. If you want to achieve your desired makeup looks without breaking the bank (guarda su dinero!), we've got you covered. Here are five TikTok-approved makeup dupes featuring some options from LUNA MAGIC.


Tiktok Makeup dupe

Splurge: MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick ($22)

Dupe: Achieve a stunning nude lip with the Park Ave Bullet Lipstick from LUNA MAGIC ($12), which offers the same warm, neutral shade as the beloved Velvet Teddy, but at a fraction del precio without having to risk the formula as it's smooth and weightless.


Tiktok Makeup Dupe

Splurge: NARS Bronzing Powder in 'Laguna' ($40)

Dupe: Get that sun-kissed glow without splurging on the cult-classic NARS Laguna Bronzer. LUNA MAGIC's Havana Bronzer ($10) offers a similar warm, bronzy tone that effortlessly adds warmth and dimension to your complexion.


TikTok Makeup Dupe

Splurge: MAC Soar Lip Liner ($22)

Dupe: Amigas, defining your lips doesn't have to come at a cost. Pick up our Besitos Lip Liner ($14), a worthy dupe for the popular MAC Soar Lip Liner with a similar pink-nude shade.


Tiktok Makeup Dupe

Splurge: Hourglass Caution Extreme Lash Mascara ($29)

Dupe: You can still achieve the effects of a more high-end mascara like Hourglass with affordable drugstore options that offer the same impressive length and volume, such as Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara ($4.99). 

brow pomade DUPE✨

Tiktok Makeup Dupe

Splurge: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade ($21)

Dupe: The Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade is a cult-favorite product for creating defined and sculpted eyebrows. However, if you're looking for a more affordable alternative, the NYX Professional Makeup Tame & Frame Brow Pomade ($8.50) is an excellent dupe. It offers a similar creamy texture, long-lasting formula, and comes in a range of shades.

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