How To: Cut Crease Tutorial with LUNA MAGIC

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How To: Cut Crease

When you think of a cut crease makeup look, it's easy to imagine neutral shades like beiges and gold with dark browns and blacks to achieve the look. However, you can also achieve this eyeshadow look with bright colors. Using contrasting shades like orange and blue, as seen in our Cosmopolitan Shadow Palette, can create a standout, unique look.

If you're not familiar with cut creases, it's when you use eyeshadow to cut into the crease of your eyelid to yield a dramatic contrast. The optical illusion makes your eyes appear larger and more defined. 

When attempting a cut crease look, you'll want a smooth, buttery formula that will distribute evenly and blend effortlessly. First, you'll want to start by applying concealer (or an eyeshadow pigment that best matches your skin tone) over the eyelid to create a balanced, blank canvas that will better pick up the contrast of the darker shade. When using bold colors, you can use the lighter shade option like a yellow for this step. 

Now, you'll want to soften the contrast with an in-between color — possibly a lighter version of the darker hue you used to cut the crease. You sweep this color on very lightly where the light and dark pigments meet to slightly blend them in together. Don't over-apply, as you want to keep the contrast distinctive.

Our Instagram Cut-Crease Tutorial

For more inspiration, watch the above video where @3i_witch achieves the look using some electric colors while also creating a cat-eye effect. If you experiment with cut creases and our palettes, we encourage you to post your final makeup looks on social media and tag us!

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