How To Use Lash Primer For Extra Length and Volume

Va Va Lash Primer

Comparable to a morning cafecito that kick-starts your day, there are products that can enhance the application of your go-to mascara. Case in point: Our LUNA MAGIC Va-Va Pink Lash Primer. This lash primer formula sets up your mascara wear for success while also enhancing your eyelash length and volume. It works just like any other lash primer; it establishes the base of your mascara, and the natural wax of the formula helps coat, smooth, and condition your natural eyelashes — giving your lashes the TLC it deserves. The outcome? An ideal canvas that will serve as a headstart to your next step — your favorite mascara — before you've even achieved its results.  

How to use Va-Va Pink Lash Primer

While adding another step to your makeup routine can sound exhausting, our lash primer is a quick 1, 2 swipe. You sweep this innovative lash primer on your natural lashes as you would your mascara, and after giving it a few seconds to settle, you then apply your mascara on top of the lash primer to achieve fuller-looking lashes. This outcome means you don't have to load on or bulk your mascara, which we know is a nightmare to remove. This winning combination will maximize the final result — adding an extra touch to make the most of each mascara use.

Va-Va Pink Lash Primer First Impressions

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That's not all: There are more beneficial factors to this additional step. For those who experience flaking or clumping, adding a lash primer like ours that contains an innovative emulsifier and fine comb can help work against this and separate your lashes for the best look. The lash primer is also pink, which will serve as a light base to intensify the black hues of your mascara versus a black pigment getting lost on your dark lash hairs. 

Be warned: Once you try it, this lash primer formula might quickly become one of your favorite makeup essentials. 

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