Best Shadow Colors For Brown Eyes

How to choose the best shadow colors for brown eyes?

Luna Magic Mini Palette

Purchasing new eyeshadow palettes can seem as easy as picking out an option with your trusty colors (neutrals, browns) or bold hues that grab your attention. You know, the bright pinks and electric blues that get you to imagine 12 different fun looks you can create. But did you know that you should consider the colors of your eyes when selecting shades? Yes, choosing the right shadow color for your eyes is essential for the best look. Learn more about how to choose the best shadow colors for brown eyes here.

Here, we're looking at brown eye colors, given the popularity of this feature, especially for us Latinas. So that you don't have to overwhelm yourself with finding those right shades, we're sharing some of the best colors and some easy application tips for medium-dark to dark-brown eyes. 

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The top shade we recommend for brown eyes that complements all skin tones is purple. The bold pigment found in our Luna Magic Romance Mini Palette stands out on the lid because it's a stark contrast that brings out the brown color of your irises. The difference in the purple can also make the whites of your eyes appear brighter. Need some inspiration to experiment with the hue? Check out this video that shows how you can wear purple in your inner and outer corners to create a look that will truly bring out your eyes.

Navy & Gray

While navy and gray can sound dull for an eyeshadow, these tones actually complement brown eyes and are considered one of the best shadow colors for brown eyes. The contrast of a cool metallic shade, like the "Dinero'' shade in our Uno Shadow Palette, will intensify warm brown hues, especially when done for a smokey-eye look. It's also the perfect option for a softer shadow winged-eyeliner if you don't want a harsh black application. 


Make your brown eyes pop with gold, a winning combination. Whether swiped across the lid or in the inner corners of your eyes, a golden hue can enhance your eye area for brown-eyed amiga, especially when under the best or natural lighting.