How to Choose the Right Blush For Your Skintone

How to Choose the Right Blush For Your Skintone

While it's tempting to pick up a blush shade simply because it's a popular or appealing color, you should actually be considering your skin tone when making this selection. But don't fret. We're here to give you the scoop on finding the right blush for you. 

First, you'll want to find a formula you love. If you're a fan of a pigment-packed, soft formula — like Manny Gutierrez, better known as Manny MUA — you can snag Luna Magic's Compact Blush. In his own words, "It's beautiful on the skin. It has a gorgeous flush of color."

Watch Manny MUA Review LUNA MAGIC Blush

Ideally, your blush of choice has shade options. Our Compact Blush comes in three shades, each created with different skin tones in mind, so there's no guessing game on which shade option works best for you. The shade 'Anita' is ideal for darker skin tones, 'Maribel' for medium to darker skin tones, and 'Aalia' for fair to medium. A closer look at these hues reveals that a more pronounced, deep red-pink works best for darker skin tones, a  while a soft pink pops on lighter skin.  

Why does it matter? In selecting the best shade, you ensure you're not washing out your complexion or working against your tones where it appears dull or as if you're not even wearing blush at all. 

However, don't be afraid to mix shades to create a look that works for you. One shade can bring out another on your skin as undertones also come into play for blush. For example, warm or yellow undertones should go for an orange or red-based blush like 'Anita.'

One last reminder: Balance is key. Go lighter on the blush if you're going bold with your eye makeup but if you’re doing neutrals or light on the eyes, you can dust on more blush.


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