How to Experiment With Blue Shadow — Even If You’re Not A Makeup Pro

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We get it: colorful eyeshadows can seem like risky territory. But it truly doesn't have to be. Often, the fear is that it will go from a blue or purple vision to Halloween makeup very quickly, but there are ways in which you can work with these hues to ensure it gives non-spooky. Let's get you making the right statement — at least until October comes around. 

It's all about finding the right palette first. Look no further than our Royal Nights Palette, which can deliver the perfect icy blue shadow makeup look. It features different shades of blue so that you can experiment, as well as the option of going matte and metallic. You'll want a buildable formula like this to ensure you control the application for your blue shadow look. You can go light with the shade and slowly build up to the opaqueness desired. If you're feeling extra bold, you can mix and match shades from different palettes to create a unique look. For example, using contrasting pops of color like pink and blue will help brighten your eyes.

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Once you've selected your shades, you'll want to ensure you have the right tools. We recommend a fluffy eyeshadow brush, like the LUNA MAGIC No. 9 Blend-It-Girl! Brush (included in the Blend-It-Girl Eye Makeup Brushes Set), as it will dust on lighter than a dense brush. This option will ensure you can build up the formula with ease. As a beginner, another fool-proof alternative is using your fingers as you can dab on with more precision. 

Mistakes are always possible, especially when you're not a makeup artist; that's why we suggest starting with your eyes first in your makeup routine so you can easily wipe off any fallout or clean up any slips with a cotton swab. Remember: practice makes perfect for any blue shadow look.

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